Hello~! You can just call me Blue! :3 I'm 24, mostlyfemale; Proud Bisexual, Poly, Furry, Feminist and Nerd. :3

Human Side:
I am very nice, sorta shy/awkward and I'm a NERD. I love to play video games, listen to music, cuddle my pets, go on walks & watch movies. I collect anime/videogame figurines and plushies. I LOVE tattoos/modifications, classic cars, old films(silent movies, musicals, etc) and lotsa other stuff!
I love my Partner in Crime very much~ They put up with me & my shit and is waayyy too sweet<3<3 I don't deserve them @w@;; They are an amazing artists as well, so check out their blog!!
Poly-Pride! :D
Body Positive, Sex Positive, LGBTQA+ Positive, all the positives! I try to be as much of a Safe Space as I can, if you ever need to talk feel free to message me! Judgement Free~ <3

My Furry Side:
My fursona is a Cozumel Coatimundi[with blue markings] + Sloth. :3 or what I like to call a Slothamundi <3 A lazy lump of a creature just like me irl hahaha

I love to chat and such, so if you wanna chat feel free to add me!

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